We the people

Do It Once.
And For All.

We inherited the Electoral College.

It’s old. It’s crumbling.

We need to begin the process to fix it.

The Electoral College is a mess.
We need to fix it.

It isn’t what the framers intended. It doesn’t work the way anyone today would want it to work. It’s time we ask whether a fix is possible — even with an America as divided as we have become.

We want to start that conversation. Here. Because we believe there may be a fix that almost all of us could agree upon.

We’re going to find it not with fancy videos or lectures from law professors. We’re going to find it through conversations by ordinary Americans committed to a better America.

One person,
one vote

The problem as it is

There are so many problems with the college as it is. Some of those problems happen sometimes. Some of those problems happen all the time.

In every election, the weight of our votes is unequal. The votes of Americans from Montana weigh almost four times as much as the votes from California. Votes from Vermont weigh 3.5x votes from Texas.

In every election, because of the way states allocate their votes, only a small number of states even matter to the candidates running for President. In 2016, 99% of campaign spending happened in just 14 states. In 2020, it will be even fewer.

In some elections, the College selects a candidate who hasn’t won the popular vote. It’s happened twice in the last 20 years. It will happen again.

In some elections, the college can’t select any candidate — forcing the decision into the House of Representatives. But in the House, each state gets one vote. So Delaware has as much power as California!

The “features” of the College are bugs. We need to fix them.

No one planned this.
We need to fix it.

No one planned it like this. The framers of our Constitution didn’t mean to give all power to the “swing states.” And while they did mean to give more power to smaller states, the “swing states” are not small states: Florida is a big state and a swing state; Delaware is a small state that everyone ignores.

We have a bad system that no one intended.

We have to fix it.

Our plan. Here.

We want to launch a process committed to two principles: understanding through conversation. We want to identify fixes for the college that the vast majority of us could agree upon. We want to find those fixes through a conversation had by many, at different times, with different people.

COVID-19 means those conversations, at least for now, will happen online. They’ll be small and diverse (read: representative). They’ll be respectful and, we hope, patient. We’ll offer the information that everyone needs to get going. We’ll collect the information about what everyone learned — and has resolved.

If you want to be part of this experiment, join us here. Everything is on the table. We want to discuss what you like and don’t like about the way we elect the president. We want to discuss existing reform options, including the National Popular Vote Compact, and new ideas, and how they might help us achieve a durable, lasting reform that everyone can be proud of.

We can do big things — only if we do them differently. Join us.

Who’s Behind
Fix the College?

Equal Citizens is a non-profit 501(c)(3) founded to press the ideal of equal citizenship.

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